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Kaminski Family

Funeral Homes & Crematorium

Cremation Services

Our on-site crematorium, located within Damar-Kaminski Funeral Homes facility, provides families with the peace of mind and knowledge that your loved one is under our care at all times. We are the only area funeral home who can offer you this advantage. This describes the main difference between having a crematorium and just offering cremation services. Funeral homes that only offer cremation services have to use a third party to preform the cremation and that provider is not at the discretion or control of the family.

Cremation has become a more accepted form of disposition and offers families a wider range of choices in making their final arrangements. We are here to assist you in navigating your the options and in helping to honoring your loved one with grace and dignity. Our trained and compassionate staff are here to discuss and assist in helping to answer your questions and concerns.